Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Top Funny Wallpapers, Beautiful Funny Wallpapers in all kind of resolutions and sizes. Wallpapers for your PC, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac 7. High Resolution Funny Photos, Widescreen and HD. All Nice Funny Wallpapers are for free!

Funny desktop hd wallpaper with two creatures running  race with a plunger

Green desktop wallpaper with five coloured characters 

Funny desktop wallpaper with Homer from The Simpsons dancing on the brown sofa in the living room
Funny fruits desktop wallpaper with a banana, a female running strawberry and a pear
Funny wallpaper with a black bug pushing the earth on a branch

Hilarious desktop wallpaper with a lobster in the waiting room showing his scissors

Desktop wallpaper with two LEGO figures on bikes chasing eachother

White funny desktop wallpaper with a black sheep and a white sheep

White funny desktop hd wallpaper with a sheep selling lemonade and a cow selling milk

Strange but funny: Three cats and an owl in a brown wicker basket

White desktop wallpaper with a frog sleeping on a yellow chiquita banana

Two funny characters playing on a wii balance board in a green livingroom

Desktop wallpaper with a huge Lizard holding a red car in the middle of the city streets and a policeman by night

Old lady eating porridge pap or soup on the sofa with a penguin.

Black desktop wallpaper with a girl doing gymnastics with a ball

Astronaut in space with a box, ufo's and planet earth on the background

Funny wallpaper with a silver car, big houses, air balloon, shopping dog, astronaut, tarzan and someone on a roof 

Desktop wallpaper with a woman ready to start to run a race against two leopards

Family with dad, mum and four monster kids watching tv in the sloppy livingroom 

A mother dragon washing a baby dragon in the lake near a big bridge full with cars and people in a traffic jam

Desktop wallpaper with a  kangaroo with a hippo in her pouch on a dry plain with some trees

White desktop hd wallpaper with lots of eggs with eyes and one open and the driver is gone, leaving footsteps behind

Elephant bees with proboscis in the bathroom near a shaver, shaving eachother

Desktop wallpaper with LEGO astronaut begging for food for building a battle station

Two hippy sheep in slower power fan on a white desktop wallpaper

Funny wallpaper with four Pigeons ready to bring money to home or their owner

White desktop wallpaper with big pink bunny tornado

Wallpaper with a gigantic lizard in town scares people. Red car and boys running away

Black white wallpaper with a part of a pc keyboard with a Lego astronaut under the S key

Licht gray funny desktop hd wallpaper with a cat drinking water from a fishbowl with goldfish

White fun desktop wallpaper with a sheep playing with maracas and mexican singer with guitar and cacti

Gray desktop wallpaper with a hamster on a blue sport motor bike

Two men in snow opening a box with a penguin with full moon and santa claus flying inthe sky with reindeer
Funny desktop background with a huge octopus in a building

A pirate, robot, a rabbit and other creatures playing a game in a submarine
Blue funny desktop wallpaper with a swimmer and three dolphins diving into the water of a clear swimmingpool

Wallpaper with two rabbits or bunnies fencing with eachother
Two rabbits fighting with eachother with american flag on background

Black desktop wallpaper with all planets with faces

Black white desktop wallpaper with a dirty sneaker and Lego astronauts

White desktop hd wallpaper with three black sheep with surf and skateboards

Green background with a pig wearing a white mask and the text I swear it wasn't me 

White political desktop wallpaper with one brown sheep and four white sheep and usa flags

Two aliens playing billiard on a red table in a dark cafe


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